Creating Income

Creating an Income as a Expat

Creating an income as an expat or if you just need extra income may mean you need to Creating an incomethink outside the box even if you have a regular job. Those who are creative may be able to create an income without a regular job. When thinking outside the box think of things that you have a passion for and expand on that idea, it is always best to be doing things you enjoy doing.

There are two different types of income the I am going to discuss going out and working or creating a job for yourself and passive income. Passive income once you set it up will require little effort on your part and going out and working or creating a job for yourself is a little more structured and will require less flexibility. Sometimes the best of both is you better option at least in the beginning.

Some popular ideas for going out and working or creating a job for yourself may include:

  • Real Estate depending on local rules and licensing requirements
  • Teaching your native language either independently or for a language school
  • Working as a tour guide either independently or working with a tour company
  • Teaching how to build a website

Passive income ideas may include:

  • Creating a blog about a topic you really enjoy and monetize it
  • Rental income
  • Interest and dividends (high yield savings account, stocks, ETF’s, and mutual funds)
  • Create online training and make it downloadable upload to Teachable Create a YouTube
  • Channel and turn on YouTube ads

Monetize your blog with:

These ideas would be some ideas for those just trying to make an extra income whether you are an expat or not.