Costa Rica Tourist Visa

Costa Rica Tourist Visa

When you arrive in Costa Rica as a tourist from the United States, Canada, and most of Europe you will receive a stamp in your passport authorizing you to stay in Costa Rica for 90 days, this is a 90 day visa.  At the end of 90 days you must leave Costa Rica, you don’t want to over stay your visa if you intend to come back and not have difficulties.  This is what you need to do if you plan on staying in Costa Rica, you can make a visa run.  You must leave Costa Rica for 72 hours, there are a couple of popular destinations for this both Nicaragua and Panama.  Both are accessible by bus or driving your car.  From the Central Valley the easiest is probably Nicaragua.  If you are going to make this run often it is best to alternate between Panama and Nicaragua.

I have heard that when arriving into Costa Rica they have recently been asking to see a departure ticket out of Costa Rica in 90 days and if you don’t have this they have been giving you a visa for less than 90 days.  This ticket should be either a plane ticket or bus ticket from what I have heard, a one-way bus ticket on Tica Bus to Nicaragua is $26.00.


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  1. You do not have to leave CR for 72 hours when you make a visa run. That is an urban legend. But you will be eligible for an extra $500 tax exemption on imports, if you are shopping.