Making a Living in Costa Rica

Making a living and making money in Costa Rica as an expat has several avenues one can follow.  I do want to let you know there is not a way that you will get rich quick as whatever you decide to do to make a money and a living in Costa Rica will require hard work and possibly thinking outside the box.  You may be doing something you never thought you would be doing such as blogging or you may have to do several things to make a living here in Costa Rica.  I am going to present several ways to make a living in Costa Rica and will be updating this as others share their stories.  I encourage those living here to leave their comments and suggestions so we can help others.

These methods are not only applicable to Costa Rica, these are ways to possibly make a living or extra money anywhere in the world.  You just need to be persistent in whatever you do to make money.

Depending on your residency status in Costa Rica you may or may not be able to work here in a traditional form of employment.

  1. By far I think be best way to make a living in Costa Rica is to maintain your job in your home country and see if they will allow you to work from home.  If they will allow you to work at home via a computer when you arrive in Costa Rica all you need is a high-speed internet connection.  You can get a high-speed connection from the cable television companies serving the area where you live or ICE (the telephone company).  You will also need an internet based telephone possibly depending on the company you work for.  The good things about maintaining your job in your home country is that you could be receiving a higher salary, health insurance, among other benefits.
  2. Another way to try to make a living in Costa Rica is to be a freelancer.
  3. Writing articles for newspapers or magazines.
  4. Become a blogger and monetize your blog.  You can monetize your blog by adding ads to your blog.   Affiliate programs will pay you when someone goes from your blog to their site and purchases something.  Some of the affiliate programs are with companies that many people buy from such as Amazon.
  5. Turn a hobby into a job.  If you like photography get out and take pictures and create art.  You can join ImageKind, Cafe Press, among others and sell your photographs and art.  At ImageKind you decide your markup on your photographs and art work.
  6. This looks like a good opportunity for the writers out there.  CreateSpace allows writers to self-publish their books.  They publish the book on-demand they have several ways for you sell your book including on Amazon.  You decide the price you want to sell your book at and you get a portion of that.  This really looks like a good opportunity for the aspiring writer.Visit their website for more information:
  7. Cash Crate appears to be an opportunity to make money by just taking survey’s.  They also have a variety of offers.  You can also refer others and make a small percentage of the money your referrals and their referrals make.  I don’t believe this is a get rich quick method but it is definitely worth adding Cash Crate to your tool box.

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Making a Living in Costa Rica — 2 Comments

  1. Making money online is certainly one of the best ways to earn a living while in Costa Rica. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting a work permit. And your income is tax free – at least as far as Costa Rica is concerned. Uncle Sam can, of course, tax your worldwide income.

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