Obtaining Costa Rica Residency

Obtaining Costa Rica Residency

There are 5 main types of Costa Rica Residency:  Pensionado (retiree), rentista (annuitants), inversionista (investor), ejecutivo, gerente y personal técnico (executives, managers and technical staff), and residencia permanente (permanent residence).

For more information about Costa Rica Residency check the Costa Rica Embassy website.  The Costa Rica Embassy website has links for information about documents needed and the procedure to follow for the different types of residency.  These links will have the most up to date information because the are from Costa Rica Immigration.  The process to apply for residency is not to difficult as long as follow the instructions.

Permanent Residency

You can apply for permanent residency if you have a first degree relative who is a Costa Rica National, such as your spouse or if you have a child.  It is also possible to apply for permanent residency after 3 years in another type of residency.

Retiree Residency

This type of residency requires that you show proof of $1000.00 per month from a permanent pension source.

Annuitant Residency

This type of residency is for those not yet retired.  You will need to show proof of $2500.00 per month income for this type of residency.

Executives, Managers and Technical Staff Residency

This type of residency is where you work for a company that needs you in Costa Rica to work as an executive, manger, or a technical expert.  With this type of residency the company should help you with residency process.

Investor Residency

This type of residency requires a minimum investment of $200,000.00 in an approved business.  Please follow link to Specific Requirements for Investor Residency.

These are the most common types of residency in Costa Rica.  There are several other types of residency for Costa Rica that are listed on the Costa Rica Embassy website.

When you are ready for a simpler and healthier lifestyle get your documents together and consider making the move to Costa Rica.  Pura Vida!!

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