Welcome to Living in Costa Rica Today, we assist individuals and families wishing to re-locate to Costa Rica.  Have you ever thought of living in another country?  Living in Costa Rica is an excellent choice, here you can find the perfect climate.  Costa Rica is made up of a number of micro climates.  The Central Valley is normally warm during the day but not hot, no need for air conditioning, in the evening a little cool you may want a blanket.  The Central Valley has many of the services that people are accustomed to, such as a number of shopping centers, excellent hospitals and medical facilities, and many restaurants at inexpensive prices.

Iglesia Virgen de Loreto

Iglesia Virgen de Loreto

We are located in the Rohrmoser / Pavas area which is in the Central Valley just outside of downtown San Jose, about 1 kilometer from the United States Embassy. We are able to assist people throughout Costa Rica but our focus is on the west side of downtown San Jose, which includes Rohrmoser, Pavas, Mata Redonda, Sabana Norte, Escazu, Santa Ana, and Ciudad Colon. We can assist you looking for the correct house and location for you and your family. We will lead you through the process of getting electricity, water, telephone, cable, internet, etc. While you are looking for your new home we can assist you with temporary housing in a hotel or apartment.  There several hotels nearby and some offer 1 and 2 bedroom units with kitchens, in Favorita Sur a neighborhood in Rohrmoser near the United States Embassy, Casa Lima is a good choice.  This is a nice small hotel tucked away in a great neighborhood, they offer hotel rooms as well as 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.  The customer service and staff at Casa Lima are outstanding.

We recommend renting a car for getting around and exploring and getting familiar with the area.  We prefer Adobe rent a car but there are many other car rental companies also.

Uber is another option for getting around, Uber works best if you already have an idea where you are going.

In the Rohrmoser / Pavas area around the United States Embassy there are shopping centers, malls, supermarkets, and banks all nearby within walking distance.