There are a variety of options in Costa Rica for medical service options.  As a Costa Rica resident you are required to be enrolled in the CAJA, which is Costa Rica’s public healthcare.  The cost varies by your income and paid monthly.  When you are enrolled in the CAJA all you need to do is pay per month and it covers all your healthcare with no co-pays.

Many people also use private healthcare because in some cases it can be more convenient and quicker.  Private healthcare is not as expensive as in the United States.  Most maintenance medications for chronic condition are available in Costa Rica at the pharmacies with out a prescription.

Hospitals And Clinics

Hospital CIMA – Located in Escazu and offers many medical specialties.

Hospital Metropolitano – They have a number of locations throughout the San José metropolitan area and also location throughout Costa Rica.  Hospital Metropolitano also has a medical plan you can purchase for a very reasonable price.


Farmavalue – Farmavalue generally has the best prices at this moment and they offer free delivery.  They have pharmacies throughout Costa Rica.

Farmacia La Bomba – Farmacia La Bomba has pharmacies throughout Costa Rica they also offer delivery service.