House For Rent Rohrmoser

When looking for places to live in Costa Rica there are many options.  First are you looking for city or rural, being in the city does not necessarily mean being downtown but in the the greater metropolitan areas.  Being in a rural area does not necessarily mean being out in the country but in a rural smaller town.  Second are you looking for the beaches or mountains?  The beaches being at a lower altitude are going to be hotter.  The mountains on the other hand can be fresh and chilly to cold at night.  Costa Rica is made up of many micro climates.

With that said living in the city you do have more services for health care, shopping, dining.  Housing prices in the greater metropolitan areas tend to be higher than in the rural areas.  I recommend that you spend 3 to 4 weeks in the areas that you think you might be in.  This will give you a chance to look around and have a sense of what it is like to live in that area.  Many times people think they want to live in an area but once they stay there 3 or 4 weeks they realize maybe that is not what they want.

What type of housing are you interested in?  There are houses, apartments, condominiums, and condominiums in towers.  The more traditional living is in a house or a residential community.  As you can see there are many place to live in Costa Rica

We focus on housing west of La Sabana Park but we can assist you with housing throughout the central valley.  We like to look for properties either for rent or for sale that are not advertised yet.  Tell us what you are looking for and we will be happy to assist.