Whether you are going shopping in Costa Rica for groceries or things for your home, Costa Rica has many options for shopping.  There are stores with familiar names such as Walmart and others with unfamiliar names such as EPA, Costa Rica’s version for Home Depot and is very similar to Home Depot.

Supermarkets in Costa Rica

Auto Mercado – Very similar to shopping in Publix, Kroger, or Vons.  Auto Mercado has probably higher prices than other supermarkets but will feel very familiar.  They also have a delivery service operated directly by Auto Mercado and if you order early enough you can probably receive you order the same day.

Masxmenos – Mas x Menos is always good to check out as they always have many specials, especially with their produce and meats.  They have a delivery service also and are located throughout Costa Rica.

Pali – Has good prices but their selections are more limited than other supermarkets.  Their produce is usually a very good value.

Warehouse Shopping In Costa Rica

PriceSmart – Similar to Costco or Sams Club.  Pricesmart even has some of the Kirkland brand products, they also offer a delivery service that is with a third party and using standard delivery it is generally the next day.

Hardware Store Shopping In Costa Rica

EPA – Very similar to Home Depot or Lowes.

Shopping Plazas

Plaza Rohrmoser

Plaza Mayor – This shopping plaza is located in the Rohrmoser / Pavas area on Ernesto Rohrmoser Boulevard.  They have a number of stores in the shopping center including Auto Mercado.  There web site does not list all the stores on it, there is a Scaglietti in the shopping center, which has high end men and men’s clothing. Plaza Mayor is worth checking out.

Plaza Rohrmoser – This shopping plaza is also in the Rohrmoser / Pavas area on Via 104 just a couple blocks east of the U.S. Embassy.  They have banks, bakeries, restaurants, clothing stores, a supermarket, post office, cell phone / internet providers and more.

International Shopping

United States: The United States is a popular choice for Costa Ricans for shopping, visiting family and friends, and experiencing a different culture. Los Angeles, Miami, and Orlando are popular destinations.